The Jasmine Pearl: Black Wolf Tea

White Peach Pottery’s review of the Jasmine Pearl’s ‘Black Wolf’ Blend

White Peach Pottery’s review of the Jasmine Pearl’s ‘Black Wolf’ Blend

I originally received 'Black Wolf' through my tea subscription box (Yes, there is a tea subscription box). It has a complex flavor profile that keeps my palette interested, and has quickly become a mid-day favorite of mine, when coffee is too much, but I still need a little pick-me-up.

This is a Pu'erh tea, which can get a bit complex based on types, but essentially, it's a fermented black tea originating in China. They tend to have a healthy dose of caffeine, and good quality pu'erh often appeals to coffee drinkers because of the rich flavors. Many unflavored pu'erhs pair well with dessert, although personally I find this particular blend is a bit sweet to pair with more sweet things. Plus it’s fully caffeinated, so you wouldn’t want to drink it after dinner if caffeine has a strong affect on you.

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Contents: Ripe (Shou) Chinese Puerh Tea*, Carob*, Cacao Nibs*, Elderberry, Rosehips, Honeybush, Peppercorns, Natural Blackberry Flavor, Natural Vanilla Flavor

Flavor Profile: Dark, naturally sweet, with notes of berries and florals. Light hints of cacao and peppercorn as it cools. The elderberries really shine in this tea - the aroma is distinctly fruity, and the flavor is deep. I'm not one for using abstract words to describe flavors, but, oddly, I would describe the flavor as "purple" - the berries, the deep vanilla, the floral notes... I'm not sure why, but that's the word that comes to mind.

Body: Smooth, with a medium-heavy body. Not acidic (to my palette)

The Verdict: Black Wolf is definitely one that I plan to keep in my drawer for a long time, as it can stand in as a modern twist on old favorites like Earl Grey or English Breakfast. I add a drop of honey, and find that the sweetness adds beautiful depth to the flavors