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Handmade pottery to bring beauty and joy to your coffee and tea rituals

invite handmade pieces into your life


Indulge in beauty

There is an inherent intimacy to objects that have been made by hand, and my mugs are created with the idea of bringing quiet beauty into the moments that you enjoy fresh coffee, or hot tea.

I find that my favorite time of the day is when I have brewed fragrant espresso, then steamed velvety milk, and pour them both together into a mug that I crafted out of earth and fire. It is a meditation in the middle of busyness; a joy in the midst of what might be a difficult day. When my thumb runs over a small “imperfection”, or my eye catches a spot of glaze that captures the sunlight “just right”, I remember that I am a small being in a large universe, but with all of my imperfections I still serve a deep purpose in my Father’s kingdom.

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