Crystalline Tea Cup

Crystalline Tea Cup

3.25" tall, holds approx. 16 oz.

This little tea cup was created as an experimental palette to try new glazes on! It’s wheel thrown with white stoneware, and lined with a food safe, glossy black glaze. The exterior is glazes with a snowflake crystalline, which looks like ice crystals on a window in the wintertime. It’s truly beautiful!

This was one of the first cups I used to experiment with Crystalline glazes - a labor-intensive, technically complicated glaze that “blooms” crystals in the molten glaze while it fires. I’m excited to create more of these!

Because there is no gold luster on this mug, it is dishwasher/microwave safe.

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Care Instructions

Food safe. Not microwave & dishwasher safe, due to real 22k Gold luster.