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Thursday, March 27, 2014

When I was 4 I broke my collarbone because I fell out of my dinner chair when I was trying to feed the dog my vegetables behind my parent's back. A year or two later I had to get stitches on my chin because I panicked when my bike "sped" lazily (at approximately 1 mph) towards a parked car and I decided the best thing to do would be to fall over. I tend to get injured in embarassing ways.

My earliest memory of artwork was having a friend from kindergarten over and then lecturing her on why she really needed to wash her brush off between colors because "you're ruining my paints". My mom took me aside and told me I wasn't being a good host, and I told her the friend wasn't being a good guest. I'm picky about my art supplies.

So what?

So I've spent all week working on my website's "about" page, and it's really made me sit down and think about what's important to me and where I find my identity. Why am I who I am, and why do I like what I like? It's really hard to whittle all of your life experiences, all of the desires of your heart, and all of the quirky parts of your personality down to a single page on the internet. Like, REALLY hard.

I feel like lots of stuff sort of needs a back story, so I'll occassionally talk about those things here (like why I love praying mantises, which I covered in one of the first "not so small stories" link ups). Here's another one ---

I like Vintage My Little Ponies. When I got my first vaccination that I could remember - I was about 4 - my mom had gotten me a lovely little pony as a gift for when we got home if I'd been brave (and I had been). Her name was Blossom, and after I got her I started asking for My Little Pony figures at Christmas and Birthdays. I ended up with about 50 as a kid, but when I got older and started shopping at thrift stores and yard sales, there they were. These small toys, now discarded, that I had wished for as a kid... It should be noted here that by this time I actually had a REAL horse. A thoroughbred show horse, no less, who I had gotten when he was 4 and trained on my own. But somehow the My Little Ponies seemed precious to me, and I started buying them up whenever I saw them. I think there was something about the way I received Blossom - as a gesture of love, for having been a good little girl - that made me want more of them. Probably, somewhere deep in my subconsciousness, they made me feel happy and loved.

My collection now, by the way, hasn't been added to for years, because they just don't turn up at yard sales anymore. Now they're on eBay or Etsy. But I still have a huge collection. 160 of them, in fact, sitting in a closet.

This post was written as part of Kirsten Oliphant's "Not So Small Stories" link up. Join us if you'd like!


Ah! Your photo and your story

Ah! Your photo and your story both made me smile :). Your post also made me click over to your about page--very nice! I think we'd be great friends in real life--we like horses (although I never developed a passion for My Little Ponies--I'm too old, I think), espresso and enjoying God's creation. You did a beautiful job showing the reader what kind of artist you are :).

I miss My Little Ponies!

So, I sold all my My Little Ponies when I was like 10 at a garage sale because: MONEY! I also got the castle and, according to my mother, almost killed my brother when he broke it five minutes into Christmas morning. I'm sad about a few things I got rid of, and that's one. I loved those ponies and still remember the feel of them in my hand, the silky manes and tales and the plastic (rubber? something?) they were made of. They have a new My Little Pony show, and it sucks.

I love everything about this post. It's personal, it's unique, and it's written in a way that carried me along and then had me thinking, "What's important to me and my identity?" So glad you're back for the linkup!!

That story about your "bad

That story about your "bad guest" in kindergarten totally made me laugh. I was so that kid, as well. You are not supposed to mix the paint colors! What is so hard about that!?? Now I have a 2-year-old, and it STILL bugs me that she doesn't keep 'em separated. Like the song. I bite my tongue, usually.

I love your opening lines!

I love your opening lines! They made me laugh--you sound like you were a delightful child. One of the best things about getting older is hearing about other people--on about pages and in person--and seeing how amazingly and wonderfully different we all are.

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