A DIY Bentwood Rocker Makeover

Everyone knows that Craigslist is awesome. And who doesn't love a great DIY project? One of the most popular forms of artistic expression these days involves furniture and a can of spray paint. Perhaps the method is tied to the popularity of street art (Banksy, anyone? Shepard Fairey?). Or maybe it's how approachable it is, even for non-artists (if you can use painter's tape and a screwdriver, you're a shoe in for this). Regardless of why, pretty much everyone has tried their hand at some form of furniture DIY over the past few years, including me. Here's a glimpse at my latest:  I bought this chair off of Craigslist for a steal, and spent about $8 on 2 cans of Rustoleum's line of Lacquer spray paint in meadow green. Voila - the transformation above! Now, just for the record, I know there's controversy over "To Paint, or Not To Paint", and I'm usually split 50-50 on the issue. I've certainly brought home pieces that I had every intention of painting only to discover that they're actually in such great condition, or such lovely antiques, that I couldn't bear to do them harm. But in this case, the varnish was chipped, and the arm was barely hanging on - not to mention, the woman I bought it from said there was no interesting story behind the chair. She'd bought it in Spain from a guy who hand-bent the wood, but it was in no way a special piece.


What a fresh, fun new look!

What a fresh, fun new look! Your rocker turned out so well. Tremendous job and thank you for using Rust-Oleum to complete your project.

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